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WAREHOUSE SALE - Take a further 20% off with code 'WAREHOUSESALE20'. Limited time only!

About Us

Elevate Your Room’s Decor With Bespoke Furniture

Let go of the age-old perception of furniture designs and styles that are way too mainstream and obvious! Be unique and create a bold statement in your space with our bespoke pieces of furniture that exude elegance. We aim to manufacture furniture that makes your space look luxurious without burning a hole in your pocket. From bed frames to dining tables, you can get everything in our online store. 

Furniture that instills life!

Furniture that instills life!

The furniture we craft is not just a piece made from wooden logs or steel frames. Instead, it is something that can add life to a dull, boring place and turn your house into a home.  

At Isaak, you can find every kind of furniture that not only appeals to your eyes but also blends with your décor seamlessly. With our modern and minimalist collection, you can easily establish a proper balance between positive and negative space. On the other hand, our contemporary pieces of furniture take the aesthetic value of the space to a whole new level, incorporating more liveliness to the space. 

Furniture that exudes warmth, homeliness, and comfort

We design furniture that lets you unwind after a long, tiring day or leave your guests awestruck and get you a lot of compliments. Each piece is manufactured keeping your comfort and safety in mind. From rounded corners to polished surfaces, our skilled craftsmen are true magicians as they transform the wooden logs or any other raw material into items that look so ethereal and magnificent. 

Bespoke furniture — A manifestation of personality

Bespoke or custom furniture is the true manifestation of character and emotions. It defines who you are and what you believe in. So, create a representation of yourself through our furniture. From making a bold statement with the sharp and modern tables to establishing softness and soothing feeling with large and spacious beds, our custom-designed furniture is truly a sight to behold!

Values that make us stand apart

Values that make us stand apart

Customer satisfaction

We thrive to fulfill our customers’ desires of having furniture that personifies their likes and dislikes like none. Our designs not only reinvigorate their spaces but also bring a satisfactory smile on their faces after every purchase.


Going for the obvious is not our forte! We understand the challenges in the furniture market and want to find long-lasting solutions for our customers with our innovative approach. Our long-term goal is to create a platform(online store) where you can find your ideal piece of furniture that solves your problem or add a dash of class to your room.

Transparency and honesty 

Our team always maintains transparency at every stage of furniture manufacturing, from letting our customers know about the flaws in the designs they desire to explaining the pros and cons of different raw materials. 

On-time deliveries

At Isaak, we value time and punctuality. Most of our orders are delivered within the time frame and if there are any issues, we make sure our customers are updated.


Durable and long-lasting furniture joints and settings


Versatile collections of pieces of furniture 


Affordable pieces of furniture with attractive deals and offers

With You In Mind

Customer loyalty programs for more engagement


Furniture in real-life matches the images at the storefront


24x7 customer care services to provide assistance and resolve grievances

Live your dream with our furniture designs and styles!

At Isaak, we will help make your dream of having a space graced with unique furniture come true. Our diverse collection will take you by surprise, certainly in a good way. But that’s not all! Our brand is known for offering style and comfort with the promise of longer lifetime and robustness. So, we vouch for the fact that our furniture will transform your life in many ways for years to come.

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